Hindustan Home Needs

Hindustan Home Needs

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Hindustan Home Needs was founded by K.Devaraj in the year 1976 Started to manufacture hill grass brooms, years later, and with lots of  hard work, knowledge and manufacturing experience gained over the past 36 years, Hindustan Home Needs has grown to be one of the leading manufacturers of Brushes, Mops and Brooms.

Hindustan Home Needs manufactures and distributes a wide variety of quality Brushes, Mops and Brooms.


We manufacture various types of toilet cleaning brushes, scrubbing brushes, carpet cleaning brushes and also push brooms for both indoor and outdoor purposes with fully automatic CNC Machines


Related to Mops we produce a wide range of mops, which are manufactured with fully automated machineries for both domestic and industrial purposes for all floors. The yarns for the mops are produced from our own spinning mill as per our customers’ requirements.


We manufacture a wide range of hill grass brooms used for sweeping the floors. We are proud to say that we are the introducer of hill grass brooms with plastic handle.

Hindustan Home Needs is dedicated to the service of its customers’ needs, with quality product, fast service, and competitive pricing. We are constantly motivated to develop new products and manufacturing methods to the ever changing market demands utilizing the Company’s high precision, high volume engineered machinery to produce Brushes, Mops and Brooms that meet an infinite array of our customers’ needs.

We at Three “B” Manufacturing strive daily to operate the company with honesty, integrity, and emphasis on quality.

The Company recognizes that our success is dependent on the success of our customers and we want to build a long-time relationship that is mutually beneficial to both.